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Roof Alterations and Specialty Services


Additional or replacement rooftop units, skylight installations, or rooftop solar implementations require changes to be made to the roofing system. Homan Roofing will ensure that all alterations meet or exceed the applicable building codes and satisfy all requirements to maintain any warranty coverage.

Snow Removal

The accumulation of snow creates a potential for significant damage to your building as well as numerous safety hazards. The bulk of the snow can exceed the weight capacity of the roof and as the snow melts, the accumulation of water can cause leaks. Our teams of field technicians are available before, during and after a storm to protect your building damage, liability, and financial losses.

Bird Solutions

Without effective bird proofing measures, pest birds can cause problems for any roof. The acid in bird droppings can eat into tar-based roofing materials and bird debris can clog rain gutters and spouts, causing water to back up and creating leaks. Bird debris can also be a fire hazard when it interacts with rooftop electrical equipment—like AC units, solar panels, lighting or security cameras. When it gathers to block ventilation systems, it can create a potentially lethal carbon monoxide build-up inside your building. Effective bird controls can be installed during the new roof install, upgrade or repair. Homan Roofing uses a variety of deterrents to keep your roof free of birds.


The large amounts of rain we experience from living in a coastal climate creates many leaky roof situations, especially if your roof has not been waterproofed. If a roof leak goes unrepaired for too long, weather, age and corrosion can cause additional damage to your roof. Let our experts assist you in protecting your business or commercial property.

Custom Metal

Many pieces of equipment and penetrations on your roof require custom made hoods and lids to maintain a proper barrier to the elements

Gutters and Downpipes

Gutters and down pipes are an important part of the roofing system. We install a variety of gutter systems to suit your building needs. We also provide gutter cleaning and maintenance.


Buildings that incorporate natural lighting through the use of large windows or skylights typically use 40-60% less electricity for lighting than conventional buildings. As well as light, commercial skylights can also provide ventilation and roof access. Ventilating a building through a skylight opening releases the hot air that naturally accumulates near the ceiling. Installing commercial skylights may be of great benefit for you and your employees.

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