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Architectural Metal and Flashing


Flashing is used to redirect the flow of water around potential openings on your roof such as vents and skylights. It is quite literally your roof’s last line of defense from moisture and that makes flashing an important component of your building. Flashing can be bent into various shapes depending on the type of roof flashing that is required. The main material used is sheet metal, copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel.

Roof Cladding

Metal cladding is a great option for a range of different roofing solutions. It is extremely durable and lightweight and, even with minimal maintenance, a properly installed system of metal cladding can last nearly fifty years. This product can also be coated or colored to your specifications and its flexible properties make it an excellent option for areas such a curved or sloped roofs.

Metal Wall Systems

Having its origin in the aerospace industry, this composite aluminum product was specifically developed to offer superior strength in a lightweight sheet product. It boasts features such as superior flatness and color consistency, making it a particularly beneficial product for buildings where large facade areas are to be clad or where metallic finishes are specified. A wide range of colors are available as well as custom color requests.

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